Trips & Visits

An extensive schedule of day and residential trips to places of interest in and around London, throughout the UK and abroad, supports class work and fuels cross-curricular pollination.

From the Nursery Department upwards, pupils can take advantage of our proximity to London, with regular trips to museums, galleries and theatres. We also organise regular visits to nearby Richmond Park and Kew Gardens. These trips:

  • Support class work
  • Fuel cross-curricular pollination
  • Help to develop a feeling of community
  • Foster friendships
  • Develop skills
  • Build confidence and independence.

We place great importance on this aspect of school life and encourage all pupils to take part in activities that enhance their rounded education.

Recent day trips have included:

  • Neasden Temple
  • Morden Mosque
  • The British Museum

In the Summer Term the boys in the Senior Department go away on residential trips, staying at activity centres or carrying out curriculum-based activities in the UK. There is also a wide range of residential tours abroad on offer to boys in Years 6 to 8. These include

  • The bi-annual ski trip for Years 6-8 in the Easter holidays
  • The bi-annual overseas sports tour for Years 7-8 in the Easter holidays
  • The bi-annual classics trip to Italy for Years 6-8 in the October half-term
  • The bi-annual overseas music tour for Years 6-8 in the October half-term
  • The bi-annual overseas drama tour for Years 6-8 in the Christmas holidays
  • The annual French trip to Normandy for Year 7 in June.

Note: With the current coronavirus restrictions on travel, many of these trips are understandably not going ahead at the moment.