Learning Development

At King’s House School we believe that each child is unique and has their own unique talents. At various times throughout their school careers, children may need additional support in order to fulfil their potential. The learning development department works to ensure that the needs of all learners are met.

Where appropriate, our learning development team liaises closely with teachers, parents and external professionals to ensure early identification of additional support and plan appropriate intervention.

Children may require help with:

  • English or Maths
  • Working memory
  • Social skills
  • Planning and organisation
  • Study and revision skills
  • Sensory and physical skills

We provide support in a variety of ways, such as 1:1 or small group sessions before school. Support can also be given in class and informal meetings arranged.

All teachers receive professional development to raise awareness of children’s needs and ensure that support materials are available in class. Additional support is monitored and reviewed to ensure that we deliver effective provision as and when it is needed.

You can view our learning support policy here.

For more information please contact the Head of Learning Development, Mrs Rebecca Lane, on lane.r@kingshouseschool.org.

IQM Inclusive School Award

We are delighted that in November 2023 King’s House was award the IQM’s (Inclusion Quality Mark) Inclusive School Award, which recognises a school’s ongoing commitment to provide the very best education for all children. Over a two-day visit the assessor

The report highlights the quality of the Learning Development team, who work to ensure that all pupils can thrive at King’s House and have their needs met, as well as how small class sizes allow teachers to provide individualised support for pupils. You can read the report summary here, which we hope you’ll enjoy reading.


Pupils benefit from small numbers in their classes and an enhanced adult/pupil ratio which means that the teachers and support staff can pitch their teaching at exactly the right level for each pupil.

IQM Inclusive School Award 2023

Three Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) have been appointed which has added more capacity to the school’s response for pupils who need some additional support in this area. They complement the work of the school counsellor who supports the pupils and staff at the school one day a week.

IQM Inclusive School Award 2023

Inclusion is seen as everyone’s responsibility and not just the Learning Development team.

IQM Inclusive School Award 2023

Pupils thrive at the school due to the individualised and differentiated support that they are given. They are encouraged to develop their strengths and talents as much as possible. There is so much on offer that all pupils flourish.

IQM Inclusive School Award 2023