Equality & Diversity

King’s House is a lively, busy and happy school and we aim to give each child a high-quality, broad academic and co-curricular education, regardless of race, religion or culture.

We provide an environment in which the welfare of the children is paramount and where they feel secure and able to flourish; offering opportunities to take part and develop in all areas, so that the needs of each individual are truly catered for.

King’s House School is mixed-ability at our two main entry points, Nursery and Reception, and this means we have a range of pupils and abilities. We are proud of our traditions and history and our principles and standards are founded on Christian values, although the School is not aligned to any particular religion and welcomes pupils of all religions and backgrounds. We promote the principles of equality, tolerance and acceptance in all areas of life and they inform our teaching, both academic and co-curricular.

The diversity of our pupil body is celebrated from our Nursery upwards, with the recognition and teaching of various cultures, religions and languages. Significant cultural festivals are explored and celebrated with the children and guest speakers invited in to the school to explain the history and meaning of the celebration.

We recognise that the fast pace of the changing world means that there are constant challenges to maintaining our aims and values and we have, therefore, taken the step of applying for IQM approval, to ensure that our practices are as current as possible in order to provide the most inclusive environment for our pupils.