School Fees 2021-22

King’s House School is a fee-paying independent school. For more information please contact bursar@kingshouseschool.org.

Fees from September 2021 are as follows for the Nursery, Junior Department and Senior Department:

Senior Department
Year 4 - 8£6,190 per term
Junior Department
Year 2 - 3£5,560 per term
Reception & Year 1£4,740 per term
Butterfly mornings & 5 afternoons pw£5,000 per term
Butterfly mornings & 4 afternoons pw£4,570 per term
Butterfly mornings & 3 afternoons pw£4,140 per term
Butterfly mornings & 2 afternoons pw£3,710 per term
Butterfly mornings & 1 afternoon pw£3,280 per term
Butterfly mornings only£2,850 per term
Caterpillars (5 mornings p/w 8.45am to 11.45am)£2,580 per term
Caterpillars (5 mornings p/w & 3 lunch sessions)£3,030 per term
Caterpillars (5 mornings p/w & 4 lunch sessions)£3,180 per term
Caterpillars (5 mornings p/w & 5 lunch sessions)£3,330 per term

King’s House School offers the Universal 15 hours Early Education Funding for 3 and 4 year olds. We do not participate in the Extended 15 hour Funding scheme.