The History of King’s House School

Ronald Pattulo (1946 -1962)

Ronald Pattulo (fondly known as Pluto by his pupils) established King’s’ House School in 1946 after purchasing The Holy Trinity Vicarage and Parish Hall in Kings Road.

The School opened with a roll of twenty-four boys and three staff, who were housed in three classrooms.

Under his leadership, the following changes took place:

  • By 1951 the roll had increased to 70
  • In 1955 extra space was found when The Junior School was established at 61 Kings Road
  • In 1959 the Hall was extended to provide an additional classroom capable of being transformed into a stage.


Harry Jones (1962 – 1973)

Pluto retired in 1962 and was replaced by Harry Jones and it was under his leadership that the School continued to grow and expand.
By 1965 the School had almost doubled in size and several important improvements had been implemented including:

  • The purchase of 66 Kings Road
  • The conversion of the basement to a science laboratory
  • The erection of two temporary classrooms in the playground
  • The creation of an art room in the attic
  • The start of Saturday Club


David Dearle (1973 – 1989)

David Dearle was Head when a state-of-the-art gymnasium was built, which was of huge benefit to all pupils.

He was succeeded by the following Heads:

  • Dr Brian Long 1989 to 1992
  • Richard Armitage 1992 to 1998
  • Neville Chaplin 1998 to 2002


Stephanie Piper (2002 – 2011)

Two important changes took place under the leadership of Stephanie Piper:

  • The Nursery was purchased and subsequently set up
  • The Civil Service Sports Ground at Chiswick was taken over by the School, securing excellent sports facilities


Mark Turner (2011 – date)

There have been several major developments under the current Head’s leadership including:

  • The opening of a 3G astro-turf pitch at the Chiswick grounds
  • The improvement of access to the Junior Department
  • The re-introduction of School Choir tours
  • The Introduction of School Drama tours
  • Planning permission granted for re-development of the Senior Department in 2017
  • The improvement of the Junior Department playground
  • The opening of a specialist Art Room with a kiln in the Senior Department

Much has changed since those early days, but King’s House remains true to Pluto’s original vision for the School, with an informal atmosphere tempered by benign authority.