Environment Day 2024 in the Junior Department

On Wednesday 5 June 2024 the Junior Department celebrated Environment Day, with each year group deciding on a project to explore.

In Reception, our youngest students spent time at Forest School, where they used natural materials to spell out the word ‘Environment’ and created a beautiful representation of Planet Earth. In Year 1, the focus was on protecting the world by reducing, reusing, recycling, and other eco-friendly practices. The children showcased their learning through creative and informative posters.

Year 2 explored the impact of human activities on oceans and seas. They expressed their understanding and concern through the creation of vibrant watercolour bunting, and Year 3 delved into the issue of endangered animals. They learned about the reasons behind species becoming endangered and discussed potential solutions to protect these animals. Each class’s activities were a testament to their commitment to the environment and highlighted the importance of collective action in protecting our planet.