Next Stage Schools

One of our greatest responsibilities as a prep school is to ensure that our boys move on to the senior school that suits them best.  

We are proud of the wide range of senior schools that our boys move on to, each suited to the pupil, with many achieving music , sport, drama, art or design technology scholarships.

2021 Leavers’ Destinations and Awards

HamptonBrighton College
St Paul'sEton
Brighton CollegeMusic Scholarship
HamptonSport Scholarship
HarrowSport Scholarship
Radley CollegeSport Scholarship
St Paul'sAcademic Scholarship
St Paul'sAcademic Scholarship

Mark Turner, Head of King’s House, comments: “The success that our boys enjoy in relation to senior school transition comes from the good relationship we enjoy with their parents from the start. We don’t hide things from the parents. We are always very transparent in letting them know where their son sits academically, giving them a realistic and accurate representation of what will be possible.  Naturally we offer academic guidance on next stage schools, but also pastoral guidance and insight into the pastoral side of the school”. 

Every year boys from King’s House are prepared for and move on to an impressive range of senior schools: day, boarding, highly academic, all round, co-ed and boys only. We work closely with each boy and their parents to decide which school will be the most appropriate for the next stage of their educational journey. 

We will take time to understand your views and aspirations for your son’s future education.  At whichever age your son leaves us, we will actively engage with you throughout the process of senior school selection and entrance exams to provide continuing, detailed support and guidance. This starts in Year 4 when we give a comprehensive talk about how the process works.

The next year we meet all parents individually to discuss exam results and assessments in order to help you decide on the schools that are best suited to your son. By this stage of your son’s educational journey, our teachers will have taught him from the age of 4 (and in many cases from the age of 3, if he joined King’s House School Nursery). We will know him well both academically and as an individual, tracking his personal development and understanding what sort of boy he is. 

We have forged strong relationships with the key staff of the leading senior schools so we know these schools well and what sort of boys thrive there. Our objective is to work with you to match your son with the right senior school in the knowledge that he will be happy there and flourish.  

We will also encourage boys to apply for scholarships in their areas of interest, as appropriate.

Leavers’ Destinations

Leavers’ Awards


“At King’s House, there is something for everyone to shine at due to the wealth of all-round opportunities and this is illustrated in the range of scholarships our boys gain at senior schools”

Mark Turner, Head

“I feel very reassured that Mr Turner and his team are on top of the transition to senior school.  They seem to have good relationships with an impressive range of senior schools”

Current King’s House parent 

“Those final two years at prep school are unforgettable and irreplaceable.  You are top of the tree, having a nice time and enjoying being a big fish in a small pond.  It’s good for confidence and self esteem too”

Current King’s House parent 

“I feel my son will need those extra two years at King’s House to mature and be ready for the senior school experience”

Current King’s House parent