Wearing a uniform marks a big step in a child’s life.

Our uniform makes us feel part of the school and is comfortable and practical. It enables the children to move freely and become independent. At King’s House Nursery we ask parents to dress the children in the nursery uniform, which consists of:

  • A navy tracksuit – plain jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt top with the school crest
  • A white polo shirt with the school crest
  • Navy shorts for warmer days
  • A gingham smock and peg bag
  • Trainers or shores – no crocs or open toe sandals

The smocks are unique to King’s House Nursery – they are handmade and can be individualised with bespoke embroidery to represent something personal or pertinent in the child’s life. An ex-King’s House grandmother, now living in Scotland, embroiders our smocks and donates all the money she receives for doing this to a local children’s charity, Skylarks.

It is little wonder that children in the King’s House Nursery wear their smocks with pride.

The tracksuit, polo shirt and shorts are available to buy online or in person at Stevensons in Twickenham.