Life & Learning at King’s House Nursery

Our team of highly experienced staff at King’s House Nursery have developed an exciting curriculum that prepares children for school, working in bright, airy classrooms and open spaces.

Following changes to the Nursery structure, from September 2024 we expect there to be 24 children in Hedgehog Class by the Summer Term (currently Caterpillars, rising 3s), 18 children in Squirrels and 16 children in Rabbits (both currently Butterflies, rising 4s). Our staff ratio is 1:6, with a Teacher in each class. In Squirrels and Rabbits (currently Butterflies), children also work in smaller groups of 8 every day for activities and specialist teaching. 

The Nursery is always an joyful place to be, brimming with exciting activities.


We take pride in being an educational nursery and our experience has taught us that children need to have a balance of learning through play, as well as more focused adult led learning.

We follow the EYFS Curriculum and the seven areas of learning for a balanced curriculum. We then expand this curriculum into exciting, stimulating dimensions thanks to specialist teaching. Our specialist teaching and small group circle times allow us to introduce new topics, mathematical concepts, phonics and IT, as well as having time to talk about how we are feeling and recognising our emotions.


Learning takes place in every corner of the Nursery classrooms and playgrounds, this includes a child learning to socialise, extend language, experiment, ask questions and challenge themselves through play.

Our staff love to enter the child’s world and engage in imaginative play and are also experts at facilitating play and then dipping in when needed to extend a child’s learning. Children learn through exciting woodworking classes, and about scientific and mathematical concepts in the sand trays, water trays and block area.

Social Skills

Developing social skills is a vital aspect of a child’s early years development. We are a polite, courteous and kind community. Our children respond to this culture by treating their friends and the staff with mutual respect. Our children see the teachers as role models. Staff talk to the children about friendship and how friends should behave towards each other.

At King’s House Nursery we place great emphasis in showing the children how to share, how to take turns, how to listen to and be kind to others, developing into young people ready for their next steps.


We promote a healthy and balanced diet and discuss the importance of healthy eating with the children. Children are provided with a healthy mid-morning snack, and can bring in their own packed lunch. This is eaten with a member of staff eating at the table with the boys and girls, encouraging good table manners and enjoying a meal together.