A close partnership between King’s House Nursery and our parents and carers is fundamental to everything we do which is why we place a great deal of importance on communication.

Each child has a personal portfolio with photographs and observations which gives a comprehensive picture of their life at our Nursery. There is a sheet in each child’s portfolio where parents and carers can add comments about the things your child might have done or enjoyed at home. This helps us to gain a picture of the whole child as he/she develops.

We hold regular Parent’s Meetings and send home a letter every Monday detailing the week’s learning objectives, as well as a weekly newsletter at the end of the week.

We operate a successful ‘open door policy’ and actively encourage parents and carers to come and talk to us.

If immediate news needs to be communicated, parents are contacted via SMS. We only use this system when there are last minute changes or updates to the planned day activities and we need to inform parents quickly as a group with little time to spare.