The Next Stage

One of our key roles is to ensure that all our children enjoy a smooth transition to their next stage school.

School-Ready and Confident

From your child’s first day at Nursery they will be supported on a gentle journey preparing them for starting school.

In Caterpillars our focus on the prime areas of learning embeds the vital skills children need to enable them to learn. Learning to respect others and our environment, listen to others, show kindness and courtesy whilst being part of a team. We all help to tidy up, we raise our hands when we have something to say in circle time and we clear our own cup and plate from the table. We learn to line up by the door and move sensibly inside to keep each other safe.

By the time the children are in Butterflies they have developed these essential life skills which are the key skills you require when starting school.

In the Butterfly Class the day is broken up with specialist teaching and is run very much like a Reception Class. Staying for lunch and the afternoon prepares the children for a full school day.

Our staff take pride in the fact that the boys and girls leaving King’s House Nursery are ready to face their next stage schools with confidence.

Boys’ Provision

Boys in the Nursery are automatically offered a place in Reception at King’s House School.

There is a close relationship between the Nursery and Junior Department staff at King’s House, easing the transition between Nursery and School. This transition is also helped by boys participating in whole school events such as assemblies, nativities, the Summer Concert and Sports Day at King’s House School Sports Ground. Familiarity with the main school means that starting ‘big school’ is an easier process.

Girls’ Provision

We work hard to ensure a smooth transition for our Nursery girls. We enjoy good relationships with a broad range of next stage schools for our girls, both state and independent. In recent years our girls have received offers from the following prep schools:

  • Kew College, Putney High, The Old Vicarage, Kensington Prep, Harrodian School, Holy Cross and Ibstock Place

Girls also move onto local state schools, including The Vineyard, Marshgate and St Elizabeth’s. We are well-placed to advise you on your daughter’s next stage school. Once this important decision has been made and your daughter has been offered a place at school, we contact her future school. We liaise with them to ensure that we are teaching the letter formation that matches their Reception class, and to ensure we support any other expectations of school readiness that they may have.

We also welcome the girls’ chosen schools to visit their prospective pupils during a normal Nursery session and ensure we give a full handover. We attend the transition evening run by the Local Authority so we can speak to the Reception Teachers about children moving on to local state and independent schools.