This week in the Junior and Senior Departments

Year 2 and 3 have been off on trips the last few weeks! Year 3 visited Butser Ancient Farm, and the boys got to see how people lived in Britain before the Romans, and had a go at archaeology! Year 2 walked over to Richmond Park to explore different woodland habitats. They discovered that a variety of creatures live there, saw squirrels playing and found deer droppings, suggesting they’d recently visited the area. The boys looked at a huge oak tree, discussing why the trunk was so thick and the importance of roots and leaves.

Sports fixtures are well and truly underway, and a few weekends ago we hosted the U10 football tournament with 8 local schools at the Sports Ground. Most days have also seen year groups out at fixtures, which is great for the pupils.

Pupils have been taking part in a range of clubs, including yoga, dance, cross-country and chess. Some of the SD boys are also leading activities, including STEM Club and Nature Appreciation Club.

This week the Senior Department have been performing in music assemblies to their peers and parents, and we’re looking forward to the JD performances next week. Years 4, 5 and 6 also had a chance to try out being in a rock band in Band Skills Afternoon last week. Rock Band is one of the most popular ensembles, and it was great for the boys to practice playing together.

This week all our Year 4 boys have been learning about imperative verbs and instruction writing. Using the book ‘The Last Firefox’ as inspiration, they have been painting a pebble, writing instructions on how to play the pebble game and devising a clue to give to their grown-ups. They created some wonderful writing and creative pebble designs.