Fundraising for charities during the 2022-23 school year

Throughout the school year we have been fundraising for several charities, including the two chosen charities for the year; MACS and Shooting Star Children’s Hospice. We are delighted to have raised just under £13,000 throughout 2022-23, with many activities led by the Year 8 Charity Monitors and Young Enterprise team.

During the last week of term, Year 8 organise the annual playground fete. All proceeds went towards Richmond AID, a local charity run by and for disabled people; the donation supported their weekly Surplus.2.U food stall and Spade gardening service.

Each year a King’s House grandmother very kindly embroiders the lovely smocks our Nursery children wear, each choosing their own designs. The proceeds from this go to Skylarks, a local charity supporting children and their families with additional needs.

Several staff very bravely volunteered themselves to take part in Movember last year, with sponsorships and a stick on moustache sale raising just over £2,000. The charity supports men’s health. Also in November each year, poppies are sold in aid of the Poppy Appeal.

There have also been many Young Enterprise fairs selling food, second hand book stalls, a clothes swap, and food stalls celebrating the European Day of Languages, all fundraising for charities. Donations from Mufti Days, such as Christmas Jumper Day, also contributed.

We are so pleased to be able to support both local and national charities, with pupils often leading activities and fundraising.

Guide Dogs Sponsorship£1405.30
Poppy Sales£768.30
Vineyard Community£660.50
Richmond Team Ministry£130
Shooting Star Children's Hospice£4,106.20
Richmond Aid£970.60