Year 8 at King’s House School recently visited the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour.

They had a fantastic time, and Edmund in Year 8 writes:

“On Thursday the 12th of January we (Year 8) went on an Art and Design trip to Harry Potter Studios, and I have to say it was AMAZING!!!!!! Miss Patten and Mrs Birtles organised the trip with VIP treatment, and we did a workshop on how the costumes are distressed during fight scenes (distressing a costume is making edits to the costume to make the scene seem more realistic and to show what the character is going through). We saw many original costumes used during the Harry Potter franchise including Voldemort’s cloak and Harry’s jacket, also from the final movie. Voldemort’s cloak was apparently insured for 30K! The instructor showed us many different tools professionally used by the costume team for distressing and Voldemort’s cloak was apparently dragged around a dirty field behind a car for 30 minutes. After that, we went through the studios on a tour and saw all the original sets where Harry Potter was filmed and got a greenscreen photograph on a broomstick.”