Year 7 recently went on a day trip to Barnes for a survival day, and they had a great time learning skills and working as a team. Hear more about what they got up to from Sam, below, in Year 7.

‘Last week, Year 7 went to Rocks Lane in Barnes for a survival trip, where we learned skills such as fire lighting, concealment and camouflage. When we got there, the day started with our going into the woods for a camouflage game, where the tutors encouraged us to cover ourselves in mud and branches. Afterwards we had a morning break and a snack. The next activity was lighting our own fires using Vaseline and cotton wool as kindling. Everyone absolutely loved making the fires and were so disappointed when we had to stop. Luckily, the activity after lunch also involved fire! We created a massive fire and made smores – made of biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows – which brought smiles to our faces. To end the day we took part in a plane crash scenario where we had to find ways to get clean water, shelter and a compass to find our way back to land.’ – Sam, Year 7