Year 7 Macbeth Workshops

Year 7 recently participated in an All Rise workshop as part of their study of Macbeth in English. To start, they learned all about different Medieval law and punishment, considering whether certain actions, items of clothing or beliefs were illegal during the Medieval punishment and then learning all about the gruesome ways criminals were punished.

After this, they learned the art of mooting and participated in quick five minute moots around a range of Macbeth-related topics. These included whether Banquo should have done more to stop Macbeth and whether Macbeth was, in fact, a bad leader. For the rest of the workshop, the boys re-enacted a real trial with Lady Macbeth as the defendant standing accused of having aided and abetted murder and treason. Each student had a role from playing key witnesses such as Duncan’s guard on the fateful night of his death to our quick-witted team of prosecution and defence barristers. We even had a team of court artists and reporters keeping a close eye on proceedings!

At the end of the trial, the jury deliberated and, based on the overwhelming evidence, found Lady Macbeth guilty of her crimes while acknowledging that she was also potentially a victim of the limits placed on women during the Medieval period. Well done to all of the boys for their amazing efforts and for some truly fantastic debating and rebuttal!