Yesterday, Year 4 had an online visit from a Viking from the Jorvik centre. Arshan (Y4), tells us all about his story below:

Today, instead of our usual history lesson, we took a virtual tour of the Jorvik Museum in York.

We met a Viking blacksmith who showed us all his weapons. A huge axe was used both in battle and for chopping wood. Swords were the most effective weapon as they were light and fast. This blacksmith had been busy crafting a magnificent sword inlaid with intricate silver designs as a gift for a Viking Lord. He had many daggers on him, their sheaths made from deer antlers. These were used at close range in defence against the enemy.

I was most fascinated by the bow and arrows, the arrows have three feathers – 2 white and one grey to indicate the left arrow was always loaded on the left. This sped uploading and firing the arrows. There was an arrow called the armour piercer, which as the name indicates could penetrate chain mail! It was characterised by a flat edge.

Amongst the weapons was also a hoe, normally used for farming but it doubled up as a weapon if the village was under attack.

Vikings used helmets in battle that protected their skulls and face, only exposing their eyes. This weakness was often exploited by the enemy who targeted and fired arrows at the eyes!

It was a really informative session that taught us how innovative the Vikings were, constantly creating weapons to safeguard and protect their villages from the enemy.