On a sunny Tuesday morning this week the Year 4s came to the playground to meet their Year 8 buddies. A small group of boys from Year 4 were paired with a group of boys from Year 8 in the same House. The Year 8s look out for their buddies in the playground and answer any questions they may have, whilst also giving them an added sense of responsibility as a role model to the younger boys. They will take part in buddy lunches, reading sessions and have some time put aside each week in the playground for just their year groups. The Year 8s are a friendly face for the Year 4s as the join the Senior Department. 

The boys had a great time, and they said: 

Year 4 – ‘He’s a bit like my brother, and he’s keen to find out about me and ask me questions which was nice.’

Year 4 – ‘He’s really nice and friendly.’

Year 8 – ‘It’s been nice getting to know them briefly. They are quite chatty.’

Year 8 – ‘We played football together on the astro today. He’s better at football than me!’