Collins eBooks (Reception to Y6)

We have subscribed to the Collins eBooks reading scheme, which will allow boys from Reception to Year 6 to access a wide variety of books from home. You will find your child’s Collins Big Cat login on the Parent Portal

The Week Junior (Y3-6)

During the lockdown, the school temporarily has free access to the digital edition of The Week Junior magazine. This magazine is suitable for boys in Years 3 upwards and is great for improving general knowledge and an understanding of current affairs. The magazine publishes at the same time as the print magazine, every Friday. The school’s voucher code is: TWJ3789MNO – this code is unique to our school.

The King’s House School library

Visit our wonderful library next week and speak to the incredibly knowledgeable and passionate Mrs Ingham – she’ll find something you will enjoy reading.

Bringing Books To Life –  Take a picture of you bringing books to life and Show Your Shares. Are you reading together with potato or wooden spoon transformed into your favourite book character, or with your favourite book in a bottle or shoebox? Or, are you reading dressed up as someone from a book? Let your imagination run wild!