This week in the Junior Department

It’s been another busy week in the Junior Department at King’s House School!

Bears and Tigers have been learning about speech bubbles, describing words and the qualities of a superhero, such as being kind, helpful and looking out for each other, through the story of ‘Supertato’. They have also been on the look out for Evil Pea!

In Year 2 they have been learning about The Battle of Hastings. Before the Battle of Hastings took place the current king Edward the Confessor died. However, he left no heirs to the throne and there were four candidates who could potentially be king: Edgar the Atheling, Harold Godwinson, William Duke of Normandy and Harald Hardrada. The boys discussed facts and qualities about each candidate and then used their own opinions and reasons for who they thought would be the best king and who they thought would be the worst king.

Last Friday, Mr Turner and I were made redundant by Oleksii, who won Headmaster for the Day as part of the Christmas Fair Silent Auction. Oleksii greeted families on the front door, helped out in assembly, visited classes delivering gold book stickers, as well as meeting guests at our visitor morning. He then chose some friends to join us for lunch. May thanks for your help, Oleksii – it was a great day!