After 3 weeks of touch rugby training, the boys have enjoyed the friendly competition of House Rugby. So far we have had Years 5, 7 and 8 complete their matches, with Years 4 and 6 completing theirs this afternoon. So far Drake has won two of the year groups, with Raleigh taking the win in the Year 8s by a single try. There is still all to play for in the final two-year groups. The quality of rugby has been fantastic, some superb handling skills and wicked footwork has been on the show. Well done to all the boys for producing such fine rugby after only a few weeks of training!

February Challenge Winners:

A huge thank you to the following Year 6 boys who helped set the challenges: Kit, Archie, Harry, James, and William.

Congratulations to the award winners in each year group:
Year 4: Max and Eduardo
Year 5: Albert, Philip and Jon Jon
Year 6: Mason and Bailey
Year 7: Matthew
Year 8: George and Archie