At King’s House School, we look to create a fun and supportive environment to allow children to flourish in sport and PE, regardless of age or ability. A dedicated and experienced team of teachers oversee the sport provision. King’s House has a sport for all policy, with every pupil representing the School in the core sports of football, rugby and cricket.

Pupils in the Junior Department have one games session per week, as well as separate PE and swimming lessons. Whilst pupils in the Senior Department have two games sessions and an hour-long PE lesson every week. All teams have regular fixtures during the week and on Saturday mornings.

An innovative and modern department-wide approach looks to produce young athletes who are independent and resilient. Courage, character, effort and the willingness to learn from mistakes are rewarded. Everything we do is to engender a lifelong love for sport and physical activity.

King’s House School is fortunate to have our own sports ground in Chiswick, which boasts 35 acres of extensive and versatile sporting facilities and which is maintained to a high standard. These facilities have helped the School maintain an excellent reputation for sport.

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In addition to the core sports, boys also get the chance to partake in swimming, cross-country, athletics, tennis, table tennis, basketball, gymnastics and volleyball through our extra-curricular and PE provision.

During the year, we host tournaments and festivals for boys of all abilities. The school also runs biennial overseas tours, open to all abilities, with our most recent trips travelling to France (Rugby) and Spain (Football). A Cricket tour to St Lucia is being planned.

King’s House School boys are currently Surrey Prep School champions in Cricket and Borough Champions in Swimming. Pupils are often recognised through the award of scholarships to schools such as Hampton, Epsom College, KCS Wimbledon, Reeds, and Millfield. We have also had several boys selected to County squads and the Harlequins DPP Academy.