Computing & Digital Learning


The core function of the Computing and Digital Literacy Department is to provide a comprehensive all-round technical education. We want our pupils to make excellent progress in their understanding of computational thinking, as well as being digitally literate.

We aim to ensure all students enjoy their lessons, to boost their learning. We understand how the changes in technology are impacting our students’ lives both in and out of school, and we attempt to equip our students with the relevant knowledge to be able to strive with technology and tackle challenges appropriately.

Throughout the School, we have dedicated computer suites and all boys use Chromebooks and iPads. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and televisions.

Outside of the classroom, the department offers extra-curricular clubs such as Advanced Coding, MTech and Touch Typing.

The department runs an annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Day, as well as several competitions throughout the year. Computing-based trips are also being planned.

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Our younger students will learn how to use different devices, such as tablets, laptops and personal computers, enhancing their fine motor skills, as well as learning logical thinking from a young age. Students will learn to use some office- based software using G-Suite and Google Classroom, audio and video recording hardware and software, as well as enhancing their coding skills and logical thinking.

The older boys will learn enhanced use of office software, creating their own programs using block coding and moving onto textual programming, as well as learning the theory around computing. Older students also learn to create and code physical devices, making use of input and output, and take on a multi-software, data-driven, decision-making project.

“The Computing Department has been working really hard in order to support my son’s learning – he enjoys what he is learning at school and wants to continue with his work at home in his spare time. I can see how important what he is learning will be in the future. Thank you for all your hard work.” (Year 5 Parent)