At King’s House School, art is seen as an integral part of a well- rounded education and all boys are given the opportunity to develop their creativity. There is a strong emphasis on experimentation, critical thinking and problem solving and all units are contextualised in art history.

Pupils are offered a rich and varied curriculum, exploring ceramics, printmaking, sculpture and mixed media, as well as drawing and painting within a fully equipped, dedicated art room. Digital media is also taught at King’s House School, enabling boys to create work using graphic software.

There are ample opportunities for boys to engage with art outside the timetable. For instance, we offer art clubs, art workshops and a variety of field trips. Throughout the year, there are also opportunities to celebrate the boys’ work with whole school exhibitions and art competitions.

King’s House boys have won Art awards to various senior schools in recent years.

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Boys learn about artists, art movements and practices from a diverse range of cultures and histories and art is seen as an invaluable way to engage with the world around them.

Various workshops are organised throughout the year, such as botanical drawing workshops at Kew Gardens and landscape drawing at Richmond’s Terrace Gardens.