This week the Senior Department welcomed a special guest called the ‘Word Guerilla’ for a poetry workshop. Find out below what they thought of the sessions: 

On Friday last week, year: 8, 7 and 6 (year by year) met up with David from ‘Word Guerilla’. Over the course of half an hour we listened to really enthusiastic and funny poems performed in many forms, being: reading, beatboxing and music. I think it would be fair to say that everyone laughed and were definitely listening intently. For the next hour we developed ideas that we could write about – we did this by simply jotting down some of the things we enjoy, in the normal course, and how the day went- after this we learnt and then wrote some of our own personal haikus, and poems. Everyone loved the workshops and found the poems really funny and relatable, the performance and writing of ‘My Poem was Sick’ was definitely a crowd favourite! 

On Friday, Year 7 had a poetry workshop which was very interesting. At the start of it we heard him recite some of his wonderful and humorous poems, bringing the whole year into laughter. In the second half we started to write our own poem. He taught us how to structure a poem, and how writing about something you really enjoy makes you happy. We were taught that a poem can be about whatever you want, ranging from talking about sleeping to and drinking orange juice after brushing teeth. Krishan

I found the poetry workshop to be an inventive way of teaching us. The poetry he performed was creative and fun, like the activities we were told to do. We learned to write poems with helpful advice. I enjoyed listening to the poems Dave Bowden performed, especially the one on brushing teeth and drinking orange juice, and completing the simple but cleverly thought out tasks. This workshop was an imaginative way of teaching us about poetry and how to compose it; I found it to be enjoyable and interesting. Henry

Last Friday, we did a poetry workshop, which I think was great, David Bowden was very funny and inspiring. We were told to construct our own poems and use the structure of different poems. We could write about anything we wanted, the only boundaries were our imagination. I found the activity very relieving as it let me put all my thoughts on paper. Xavier

Last Friday we had a fun poetry workshop with Dave Bowden, known as ‘Word Guerilla’. The workshop was fun, and he was an excellent performer. Everyone really enjoyed it and learnt so much about poetry and how he wrote it. We started by him singing some of his favourite poems and telling us what he liked about them. All of his poems were humorous and funny, which we all loved. The second part of the workshop was really informative and I, along with everyone else, learnt so much about how to form poems. Dave was a brilliant performer with so much humour. Everyone enjoyed it learnt loads about poetry. Tom