We are pleased to be able to get back to our normal calendar of activities! This week we were able to hold our (slightly adapted) Latin Vocab Competition. Normally, these would be heats in class and the best representatives for each house go forward to a final quiz in the theatre for the whole school. We have had to improvise in bubbles this year, but it does mean that everyone gets involved this year! 

As the pupils go through the school, they are expected to learn new vocabulary each week in Latin, building up to the full prescribed vocabulary set by ISEB. In the Latin Vocab Competition, the boys compete for points which contribute to the overall house points at the end (an average across the year group winners). 

Thank you to Mr Sparke for organising the event this year for Years 6, 7 and 8. The overall results are: 

1st = Drake       26 points

2nd = Raleigh    22 points

3rd = Churchill 21 points

4th = Nelson    16 points