Rwanda is a country rich in beauty and diversity but it has had a very troubled and ravaged past.

On the shores of Lake Kivu in the south west of the country is the isolated and impoverished province of Cyangugu.

The School has developed a strong, long-term link with Rwanda Aid, a charity with the aim of helping develop, extend and maintain practical, self-help and sustainable projects to benefit communities in this province.

Back in 2008, inspired by an article in the Daily Telegraph, an ex-King’s House family provided the funds for the building of a school at Cyato and because of this connection King’s House School, Cyato was born.

Over the last 10 years, many staff members from all areas of the school have travelled over to Rwanda during the summer holiday to perform teacher training and help at many projects that Rwanda Aid are involved in, as well as to take over much needed resources.

We regularly hold fundraising events to raise money for Rwanda Aid and projects that they support. Our most recent event in 2019 was a full day at King’s House School Sports Ground which raised over ?? and involved pupils and staff from two other schools who have links with Rwanda Aid.

As a School community we have made contributions to the building of a street children’s village, a disabled children’s centre, and most recently a much needed playground for King’s House School Cyato.

To find out more about the wonderful work that Rwanda Aid do please visit their website at