Rwanda is a country rich in beauty and diversity but it has had a very troubled and ravaged past. On the shores of Lake Kivu in the south west of Rwanda is an isolated and impoverished province of Cyangugu.


The School has developed a strong, long-term link with Rwanda Aid, a charity with the aim of helping develop, extend and maintain practical, self-help and sustainable projects to benefit poor communities in this province.


Inspired by an article in the Daily Telegraph, an ex-King’s House family provided the funds for the building of a school at Cyato and because of this connection King’s House School, Cyato was born.


Over the last few years a number of staff have been out to Cyato to assist with the training of the teachers and to meet the children. Money is raised by pupils of our School to provide resources for their sister school and other projects in the area.


As a School community we have made contributions to the building of a street children’s village and a disabled children’s centre. Last year’s Rwandathon, in which all the children at King’s House participated, raised money for a new hall for the disabled children’s centre at Ngwino Nawe.


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