Pupil Mobile Phone Form

Pupil Mobile Phone Details

Dear Parents,

Over the last few years we have increasingly seen boys in Years 5-8 bringing their own mobile phones into school. Many of them have them partly because they travel to school on their own, which is clearly a positive step forward in terms of independence and congestion around the school site.

With this being the case, we think it would be a good idea if we were to have a record of each pupil's phone number so that we could call them if needed. One example might be if a boy had not signed out at games and we would like to check if they have left the grounds or been picked up. We obviously would not be calling them during the school day, as we now expect them to turn their phone off when they reach school and keep it zipped away in their blazer pocket or school bag.

Using it in the school day is not permitted, and we will make sure they know this. If they need to phone home, they should do so through the school office.

Could we please ask that this form is filled in and returned to the office so we have a record of any boys who use phones in school.

Yours sincerely,
Alex Churcher

I give permission for my son to bring their mobile phone to school. My son understands that the phone must be switched off and not used throughout the day.

I am happy for his phone number to be kept on record.