We take pride in being an educational nursery and our experience has taught us that children need to have a balance of learning through play, as well as more focused adult led learning.

Like most Nurseries, we follow the EYFS Curriculum which lays out the seven areas of learning and ensures children benefit from a balanced curriculum.

What makes us different to other Nurseries is that we expand this curriculum into exciting, stimulating dimensions thanks to the specialist teaching provided by our highly qualified and skilled staff.

For example, instead of Show and Tell we offer Philosophy.  Enquiry based learning offers a way to open up child’s learning through the exploration of ideas. We encourage our children to adopt a different way of thinking about the world, the universe, and society. Our children learn that all their ideas are valued which gives them the confidence to voice their own opinions and speak in front of a group, to ask questions and learn through discussion and debate whilst being supported by adults who see the potential in every child, engage with their interests and celebrate their sense of awe and wonder as they discover new things.

Our specialist teaching and small group circle times allow us to introduce new topics, mathematical concepts, phonics and IT, as well as having time to talk about how we are feeling and recognising our emotions.