We encourage you to come and visit our extraordinary Nursery and find out for yourself what makes us exceptional.

We hold regular Visitor Mornings for prospective parents and their children.

Boys and their parents visit the Nursery, Junior and Senior Departments of the school.  They meet Mark Turner the Head of School, Stephen Gower the Head of the Junior Department, Jane O’Brien, the Head of Nursery and other key members of staff.

Parents of boys are encouraged to book a personal tour of the Nursery as well.

Girls and their parents visit the Nursery for a personal tour with Jane O’Brien the Head of Nursery who spends time with them, giving a tour of the Nursery, answering questions and having a chat.

We are very happy for parents to bring their child with them when they come and visit us for the first time.

For details of our Visitor Mornings please contact the Registrar, Mrs Sally Bass, either by email or on 020 8940 1878.