Library News

By Helen Ingham

Harry Potter Book Quiz:

Last week, the SD library transformed into Hogwarts for Year 5 and 6 as enjoyed our annual Harry Potter quiz. The boys were excited to find out which Hogwarts House they would be sorted into, they then completed a challenging Hogwarts trivia quiz including some very tough tie-breaker questions! 


Battle of the Books:

Year 6 have been busily reading the 5 choices from this year’s Battle of the Books list. In such a short term, it’s incredible to see how many boys have got involved in the challenge – a special mention to those who managed to read all five books before the end of term – Eliot B, Mason G, Gabriel G & Iggy N. 

The favourite for Year 6, our Battle winner, was Murder on the Safari Star by M G Leonard & Sam Sedgman.  I do hope the boys will continue to read on in these series given how much they have enjoyed the challenge. 


 The favourite among our Year 7 boys was Siege – the first in the Chris Ryan Special Forces Cadets series. 

The latest in the Special Forces Cadet series, Assassin, is just out – so that is one for this summer holiday reading list. Siege was also a close second choice for among our Year 6 readers. 

Charity Book Drive collection: 

Thank you so much for your kind donations to the Charity Book Drive. We have to book a large van to carry away a vast collection and the charity with delighted with our contribution.   

The charity takes our book donations to set up stalls in schools across London and the UK, where children may not have a school library or access to books at home. Children at these schools are then gifted tokens to spend at the London Children’s Book Project stall so that they too can experience the pleasures of reading.