We are so pleased to have our little learners back feeling refreshed and looking forward to the second half of the Spring Term.

There have been some wonderful aromas coming from the Caterpillar classroom this week. The focus this week was exploring our senses and the children have been investigating different smells, textures and colours. They broke into little groups in circle time and each had a small parcel to open. These contained balloons stuffed with dried pasta, cotton wool, water and beads, as well as other sensory toys. The children were encouraged to talk about what it felt like or what noise it made, leading to some wonderful descriptive language – they loved it! They also sniffed pots containing different scents, the peppermint oil initiated a discussion, some thought it smelt “lovely“, and others “very yucky”!

What was popular was practising cutting skills by snipping beans and fresh basil. They all loved the smell of the basil declaring, “It smells just like pasta!”

In Butterfly class they have started their new topic, Traditional Tales, and this week the story was Jack and the Beanstalk. One of the highlights of year is when Mr Turner pays a special visit to the Nursery, to come and lie on the floor whilst the children draw round him, providing a perfect Giant template. Unfortunately due to covid restrictions this means he cannot visit our bubble, so Mr Daporta stepped into the role! They have also been very busy planting beans and told me earnestly they are going to grow up to the clouds. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

There is a new bakery in the Butterfly Classroom that is proving very popular. The clever teachers have created the most wonderful cakes using household sponges and a bit of creative flair and they look so realistic. It is just a shame we cannot invite you in for a cappuccino at the moment!

We are so lucky to have a strong Parent Association at the school and The Friends Committee support us in so many different ways. Last term they held a Silent Auction and four children won the bid to stay at Nursery after school and have tea with Mrs O’Brien and Mrs Robinson. We had a space themed tea, moon bread (crumpets), aliens (Pom Bears) and decorated biscuits. We played with the giant Space rocket and made rockets to take home. A lovely time was had by all, thank you for being such good company boys!