The Onward Journey

Junior Department

Boys join the Junior Department when they are aged 4 and they start in Reception, where they are gently introduced to school routine. Boys from the Nursery are given priority in our Reception classes. We are a mixed-ability school, so we do not assess the boys before offering them places in Reception.

King’s House Junior Department (Reception to Year 3) offers pupils a unique, caring and stimulating environment in which all the boys are encouraged to learn and develop. In Year 3 the boys work more independently and are expected to sustain concentration for longer periods to prepare them for the transition to The Senior Department.

Senior Department

The transition from Junior Department to Senior Department (Year 4 to 8) is seamless as the boys are familiar with the building and many of the staff. The curriculum is designed to be challenging to help prepare them for the next stage of their schooling. In the final two years all boys work towards either Scholarship or Common Entrance for a variety of Senior Schools. Boys usually remain at King’s House until the end of Year 8, before moving on to their chosen Senior School.

Leavers’ Destinations