It has been so good to see some educational visits taking place once more and as I write, we have two trips out and about. Year 1 are on their way back from Wakehurst Place and Tigers are at Forest School in Ham.  

When I popped into Reception Tigers this morning, Joseph pointed out that I am a suspect in an ongoing crime investigation.  Apparently, as you will see from the evidence, a discarded gold book sticker suggests that I stole some Jaffa Cakes!  Also on the theme of the police, Bears were busy taking fingerprints, then classifying and grouping them by appearance – very advanced work for four and five year olds! 

In assembly this week,   we enjoyed learning about the Buddhist celebration of Vesak, the Buddha’s birthday, and the boys participated in a short meditation to help them relax by preparing their body and mind for a day of learning.

Year 2 have been making some fantastic information books, linked to their topic on transport.  The level of detail in both the words and pictures was impressive!