As one might expect, the end of term has been very busy with plenty for the boys to enjoy.  We had more musical assemblies with boys of all ages performing pieces they had been preparing and this week the Year 2 and 3 Choir gave performances via Zoom, of the ‘Hippopotamus Song’ and ‘Rainbow Connection’ broadcast live from the SD theatre.

Year 2 Production went ahead as planned, live streamed to a virtual audience, and considering the space the boys had to manoeuvre in, they did incredibly well. ‘Pirates Versus Mermaids’ was a smashing success and I am delighted to report that both sides became friends by the end of it all.

The Year 3 Production of ‘Dragon Days’ saw our first in-person audience in school since the start of the pandemic and what an emotional rollercoaster it was too!  We heard some beautiful solo singing set against a backdrop of confidently delivered choral work and some wonderfully expressive acting.  Thanks to everyone involved in putting it together and well done to all the boys who took part.


On the charities front, many thanks to Miss Jones, who organised the after school ice cream sale and to Miss Kerrison-Davey, who has been selling rainbow keyrings for the school charity this week. Our Fiver Challenge boys in Year 2 have also been doing a sterling job selling their wares to all and sundry.  I hear the silent auction went very well too and thank you to everyone who placed a bid.

As I write, we have been able to field one of our Sports Days so far and it was a resounding success.  It was a delight to see Year 2 parents supporting and to observe the boys having so much fun doing their throws, jumps and running races.

It was good to talk to so many parents at our information evenings on Monday and to give you the opportunity to meet, albeit virtually, your son’s new teacher.  We look forward to seeing you in person, hopefully, in September when we have our Curriculum Talks and one or two charity events planned.

Simon Gower