Science Curriculum

The Science curriculum at King’s House provides pupils with the opportunity to investigate science through a wide variety of topics including investigations, resources and contexts, which will enthuse their learning and stimulate a life-long interest in this exciting subject.

As science is such a broad subject, we highlight both the breadth and depth of scientific study, balancing the value of practical skills with abstract theory and its many applications in the world around us.

We strive to ensure that learning in science is accessible to all pupils with appropriate support and extension.

We encourage pupils to question the world around them and to gain a greater understanding of their environment. This includes the implications of scientific discovery and research throughout the ages as well as its significance in the future.

In addition, we prepare pupils for their appropriate entrance examinations, helping them to achieve their full potential in this subject and move on to their next school with confidence.

Science field trips also enhance the curriculum, such as to Richmond Park.