Maths Curriculum

Maths at King’s House helps students to think critically and precisely and to learn how to apply mathematical principles to their lives, as well as in other key subjects such as Science and Technology.

The department explores the wide subject of Maths in an engaging, enjoyable and accessible way to all pupils by making appropriate provision for extension and support. By doing so, we aim to develop young adults who are able to use logical reasoning, practice systematic working and problem-solving skills to instil enthusiasm and a real understanding of their subject.

Our Maths teachers do this by:

  • Catering for pupils of differing abilities by providing suitable extension and support materials
  • Developing mathematics in context, to allow pupils to understand its use outside the classroom
  • Teaching the subject in an interesting and fun way by providing a range of activities during each topic
  • Using a variety of resources to enhance learning, such as use of ICT.
  • Helping build on each pupil’s strengths and develop their weaknesses through constructive assessment.
  • Continually reflecting on the provision of mathematics within the school and developing the programmes of study and resources to enhance this provision for the pupils.

Junior Department Curriculum

Pupils work from the new Maths No Problem, supplemented by a wide variety of teaching resources. There is a weekly problem-solving lesson using problems and investigations from sources such as nrich or The National Strategies.

Senior Department Curriculum

In Year 5 Pupils work from “Galore Park Mathematics Year 5”.

In Years 6, 7 and 8 Pupils work from the Essential Maths scheme. The work pupils cover fulfils requirements of the ISEB syllabus and hence, prepares pupils for the Common Entrance examination at both 11+ and 13+ and pre-tests. In addition, it fulfils the criteria of the National Curriculum.

To help pupils develop their mental maths skills, Schofield & Sims are issued (from Year 3) according to age and ability and pupils are encouraged to complete the book for homework, exam revision and in their free time as well.


The Senior Department assessment includes; formal examinations occurring twice a year in November and June. Year 8s have an extra mock exam in January in preparation for their Common Entrance exam in June.
In addition to the School assessment policy, mathematics teachers also incorporate times-table, mental arithmetic and topic tests. When doing these, a numerical mark is used e.g. 17/20 or percentage. Pupils may expect a class average and the teacher uses the mean to do this, however, they will need to explain the drawbacks of using the mean with the class beforehand.


The Department aims to provide lessons with as much differentiation as appropriate to maximise each pupil’s progress and feeling of achievement. Generally, the differentiation can be split into 3 levels – support, core and extended. Teachers try to provide a different type of activity for the extension as a way of encouraging pupils to think about the topic in a way which is engaging and challenging.


Pupils who need support are offered programs designed to reinforce basic number facts, number bonds and telling time. These are done through the SEN Department and the pupils are withdrawn from lessons. There is a test at the end of the program. In examinations, the pupil may be given a scribe or a reader depending on the recommendations stated on their Educational Psychologist report.

If a pupil is identified as requiring support in English, in order to understand the Mathematics, they are given a teaching assistant who will help the pupil in class. There may be a need for the pupil to be withdrawn to be given extra English support. In examinations, the pupil may be given a scribe or a reader.

For pupils who have been identified as Gifted and Talented, provision will be provided in class by the teacher to help extend and enrich their learning in Maths. Setting the classes already provides a suitable environment for extension. Furthermore, the Department enters pupils into national and local maths competitions as well as master classes throughout the year.

Extra Curricular Activities

A wide range of maths extra curricular activities take place, including:

  • Maths Masterclass for selected Year 5 and 6 pupils
  • Maths drop in surgery for all year groups
  • Senior Department House Maths Quiz
  • LWC Logic cup for Year 5 & 6 Lord Wandsworth College
  • Year 5 & 6 Primary Maths Challenge
  • Year 8 Scholars Maths sessions
  • Year 7 & 8 Junior Maths Challenge
  • Maths Day