Geography Curriculum

Geography at King’s House School involves pupils acquiring skills, knowledge and understanding of the world around them. This ranges from their immediate surroundings in Richmond, to the highest mountain ranges and largest oceans.

In the Junior Department, pupils begin to build their geographical enquiry skills as well as their appreciation for some of the world’s major countries and physical features.

Classroom study is accompanied by real world examples of the concepts being explored and there are often opportunities for field work.

Senior Department

In Year 4, focus is placed on the local environment in Richmond and a case study of a contrasting location. Recent Year 4s have enjoyed looking at the Caribbean country of St Lucia.

Year 5 begins with the introduction of Ordnance Survey map skills and pupils have an opportunity to apply these in both a classroom and outside setting. Time is then spent looking at a country case study (recent examples include Brazil and India), and they compare the lives of children living in these countries with their own daily activities.

In Years 6 to 8, we follow the I.S.E.B. Geography syllabus with topics including:

  • Rivers and coasts
  • Tectonic processes
  • Weather and climate
  • Population and settlement
  • Transport and industry

Recent trips have included a residential trip to Norfolk, a study day at Box Hill in Surrey and local orienteering activities.