French Curriculum

The principle aim in teaching French is to give our pupils confidence in their own abilities and the knowledge to communicate in a foreign language. By doing so, we lay the foundation, not only for any future study of French, but also the study of other languages. As their knowledge increases, pupils become able to manipulate and apply language in all four skill areas – speaking, listening, reading and writing.

An integral part of studying French is the opportunity for pupils to learn about and appreciate other cultures and lifestyles, in both Europe and other French-speaking parts of the world.

Cross-curricular links form another element of our teaching. We take the opportunities to make pupils aware of links with a range of other subjects. For example, we link to English and Latin by looking for cognates or origins of French words. Mental arithmetic is taught in French, and the geography and history of France.

Extra-Curricular Activities

In the Spring term of Year 7 pupils spend a week in Normandy, helping to improve their French and immersing themselves in the language. The week is spent trying a variety of activities including mountain biking, circus skills, a visit to a traditional French market, a visit to a cheese maker at a goat farm and a visit to the Mont St Michel.