English Curriculum

The English Department at King’s House School aims to provide a varied, stimulating and engaging scheme of work, which will help all pupils to fulfil their potential.

The teachers in the department aim to:

  • Ensure that all pupils develop key literacy skills
  • Build a love of learning
  • Foster a love of reading and literature
  • Help each pupil to fulfil his potential to the maximum
  • Produce schemes of work that are challenging, varied, enjoyable and suited to the needs of all the pupils
  • Share a selection of literature from a variety of authors and genres

Pupils develop an understanding of how language works through speech, grammar, punctuation, and literary devices such as metaphor simile and tone.

Pupils are encouraged to develop self-expression and produce authentic writing that reflects how they feel. They have the basic building blocks to enable them to develop an understanding of Standard English, along with how to write appropriately for different audiences.

They experience a wide range of literature, including fiction and non-fiction, prose and poetry, and develop their own responses to them. Pupils are then given the opportunity to write in a range of formats and encouraged to write with feeling and imagination.

They also develop as confident speakers in an atmosphere in which each pupil feels that their opinion is valued and listened to courteously.