Singapore Maths


A new Mathematics curriculum has been adopted by King’s House this academic year. This innovative way of teaching was first launched in Singapore in the 1980s to eradicate their poor performance in international league tables. Since then, Singapore has become a “laboratory of Maths teaching” by incorporating established international research into a highly effective teaching approach.


With its emphasis on teaching pupils to solve problems, Singapore Maths teaching is the envy of the world.


By adopting this way of teaching, King’s House believes it will help boost your child’s knowledge in the following ways:


• Build students’ Mathematical fluency without the need for rote learning
• Pupils learn to think mathematically as opposed to reciting formulas they don’t understand
• Teach mental strategies to solve problems such as drawing a bar model
• Build resilience and confidence in the subject


For those who wish to find out more information about this type of teaching, we have included a series of videos intended for parental support, from Maths No Problem!

Fundamental Idea

Number Bonds


Mental Calculations


Long Division

Bar Model 1

Bar Model 2