At King’s House we believe in offering the children a broad and balanced curriculum which stretches and encourages them.


In the Nursery Department and Reception we follow the Early Years curriculum, with the focus on the seven prime areas of learning. We believe that this structure give the children the building blocks for their future learning. Even at this young age though Literacy and Numeracy are evident, and the children receive specialist instruction in Physical Education, Music and French.


As they progress through the Junior Department, and Years 1-3, Literacy and Numeracy remain at the heart of the curriculum, as the boys develop their reading, comprehension, writing, oral and creative skills, while on the mathematical side understanding number and problem-solving are key.


The boys have a broad curriculum which includes Science, Topic (History and Geography), Religious Studies, Computing, Art and Design Technology, all with their Form Teacher, as well as Physical Education, Swimming, Games, Music and French all taught by specialist teachers.


In the Senior Department, the boys continue with this broad and balanced curriculum. In Year 4 all boys are taught English and Mathematics by their Form Teachers and start to experience a wider range of teachers and subjects.


They learn Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Design Technology, Art, Computing, Music, Drama and French. In Year 6 they start learning Latin and all boys continue with French and Latin to Common Entrance or Scholarship level.