Changes to Butterfly Class Structure from September 2024

We are excited to announce changes to the structure of the Nursery classes from September 2024.

In the 15 years since the Nursery opened, we have grown and adapted from a small mornings only group to a busy pre-school with 59 children across both classes. Butterfly Class has, until now, had a capacity of 35 children, but we feel that the time is now right to move to a model of one Caterpillar Class (rising 3s) and two smaller Butterfly Classes (rising 4s).

The two new smaller classes will both have a ratio of 1:6, with their own qualified Class Teacher and two Nursery Practitioners. The children will be able benefit to from smaller class sizes and more opportunities for small group work, also preparing them for the transition to Reception.

Facility Changes and Resources

Therefore, during the summer holidays works are planned to construct a dividing wall to create two classrooms, interconnected by double doors to allow opportunities for the classes to come together. This has been carefully designed and planned so that large windows ensure the wonderful natural light of the current space is retained, whilst creating more areas for quiet group work.

We are currently planning for the additional resources and equipment needed across the two rooms, ensuring both classes have access to a range of activities such as role play, and space for art easels, water play and sand trays. We are also planning for additional renovations, such as new flooring in the two new classrooms.

Staffing and Class Sizes

Each new Butterfly class will have a 1:6 staff to pupil ratio, with one qualified Class Teacher and two Nursery Practitioners. As you can see from the images and plans, the new classroom closest to the staff room will be slightly larger than the classroom with direct access to the playground. Therefore, in September 2024 the larger Butterfly Class is expected to have 18 children, the smaller Butterfly Class 16 children, and Caterpillars 24 children by the Summer Term.

Mrs Robinson will continue to lead one class, and we are currently recruiting for an additional Class Teacher. Mrs Robinson and the new teacher will work closely together to plan an exciting curriculum ensuring continuity and shared activities between the classes.

Teaching & Learning

The Green Room, adjacent to the current Butterfly Classroom, will continue to provide a space for specialist teaching, small group work, and quiet reading. Specialist teaching groups can also be mixed between the two classes, creating opportunities for children to form different friendships across the whole cohort. There will also be opportunities to come together for productions, such as the Nativity and Leavers’ Concert..

With more space for small group work, the new layout will provide a quieter and calmer learning environment for all the children. By doing so, we will be better able to cater to the individual needs of each child, as well as balance the level of support needed across the two classes.

Class Names

Given the creation of an additional Butterfly Class, we have also decided to rename the Early Years classes from September 2024. These will be different woodland creatures, providing exciting opportunities for links to outdoor learning and the local area. The changes are shown in the table below.

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This is an exciting time for King’s House with many developments underway, including the move to co-ed, the development of an outdoor learning area at the Sports Ground, and the extension of wraparound care for Butterfly Class. All this is planned with the needs of our families and children in mind, we hope you’ll agree that this change to Butterflies allows the children to benefit from smaller classes with excellent teaching and learning in our wonderful Nursery.

Get in touch with our Registrar, Sally Bass, on admissions@kingshouseschool.org or 020 8940 1878.