Well done to Leo, Arshan, Soham and Max in Year 5 who recently competed in a science challenge at Bradfield College. The aim of the afternoon was to have fun while applying scientific skill in three separate tasks. Chemistry saw the boys combining solid and liquid to create an endothermic reaction. Biology found the boys playing with maggots. This wasn’t their lunch – in fact, the boys were observing which light conditions the living critters preferred. Finally, Physics. The boys were tasked to build a music speaker from paper and wire. When hooked up to a magnet and a power supply, the KHS music boom box out shone the competition. The sweet sound of Carl Douglas’ Kung Fu Fighting could be heard loud and clear through the Lab!

The day ended with a chemistry spectacular from the Bradfield College Director of Science, Dr Brooks. There were many “oohs” and “Ahhs” from the crowd as, with the power of chemistry, Dr Brooks (to the horror of many parents watching) turned wine into water.

The boys did very well, competing with great enthusiasm and joy for all the tasks against 28 other schools. Winning wasn’t the aim, and nor were we intent on it. We all had fun – well done boys!