Year 7 students have been creating their very own apps using WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editors with block coding in JavaScript, with some really good ideas resulting from it. The boys produced quizzes around football club badges, players and even haircuts. There were also quizzes on as well as animals such as dogs and squirrels, and some apps which were trying to scam their users (Edmund created his ‘Scamazon Grime’ app), and James’ app that was combining elements.

Some of the apps can be viewed here:

Year 8 have been creating their own websites using HTML – coding the entire sites! Sebastian, Jack, Vladimir and Owen really pushed with this unit and have created some great content including anchors on pages, tables, embedded videos, marquees, and much more. Ali has been spending a lot of his own time researching extra skills whilst coding, and has created a great website around Roblox making use of linked images, changes to icons when hovering over them, pop up messages, forms and even making use of CSS. Great work boys.