Academic Achievement


At King’s House School we recognise the importance of a broad curriculum. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum initially but extend well beyond its boundaries to provide the enrichment and challenge which will prepare pupils for Common Entrance and senior school scholarships at a pace and level appropriate to their needs.


As a preparatory school we recognise the responsibility we have, not only in educating each pupil, but also in developing a love of learning and a satisfaction in personal achievement. The approach in the classroom through the School is one of praise and encouragement. Recognition of achievement is in the form of House Points which are awarded in each Department and added to the House totals. Boys’ names are also added to the Gold Book or Distinctions List and are included in the weekly newsletter.


In the Senior Department half termly grades are given for both effort and achievement and the end of term reports provide targets for future improvement. Throughout the School we have qualified Learning Support teachers who work closely with the classroom teachers and provide extra support for pupils as and when it is needed.


Throughout their time at King’s House the boys work hard and achieve high academic standards that set them up very well when they move on to their senior schools.