Vision, Ethos & Values



We aim to be the school of first choice for parents seeking a prep-school education for boys in this area.



King’s House is a friendly, caring and supportive school.  We have a strong sense of community both within the School and with our parents but we are also keen to play a role in the local and global community and to develop our pupils’ sense of awareness of the world around them.

King’s House is a lively, busy and happy school and we aim to give each child a high-quality, broad academic and extra-curricular education.  We provide an environment in which the welfare of the children is paramount and where they feel secure and able to flourish; offering opportunities to take part and develop in all areas, so that the needs of each individual are truly catered for.

King’s House is non-selective at our two main entry points, Nursery and Reception, and this means we have a range of pupils and abilities.

We believe that boys benefit from staying in the prep environment until they are 13 years old before moving on.  Their final two years here allow them to mature and develop a sense of responsibility, taking on roles around the School.  The boys are well-prepared for the transition to their senior schools.

King’s House is proud of its traditions and history. Its principles and standards are founded on Christian values, although the School is not aligned to any particular religion, and welcomes pupils of all religions and backgrounds.


Strategic Assumptions

We are making the following assumptions:

  • We will keep the welfare and safeguarding of the pupils at the heart of all we do.
  • We will remain a boys only school with a co-educational Nursery
  • We will explore opportunities to expand the King’s House model in other areas.
  • We will remain non-selective at the younger ages and will therefore continue to be a mixed ability school.  We will look to improve our accessibility arrangements within this.
  • We will continue to prepare boys for 13+ entry as we believe this is the best age for transition onto senior school and will monitor and adapt as necessary to the market.
  • We will remain a prep school independent of any senior school and see one of our strengths as the breadth of schools to which our pupils progress.  We will explore opportunities to extend the brand of King’s House beyond its current catchment.


 Strategic Aims

  1. To provide an environment where the pupils feel supported and safe, and where their welfare and safeguarding are paramount.
  2. To offer an education in which the pupils experience a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum, which engages and challenges them whilst developing their knowledge, understanding and skills across the areas of learning (linguistic, mathematical, scientific, technological, human and social, physical and aesthetic and creative education).
  3. To attract and retain pupils who will benefit from and contribute to the education that is on offer at King’s House.
  4. To attract, support, retain and develop teaching and support staff of the highest calibre, who will enhance the provision to the pupils here.
  5. To build and maintain facilities which enhance the education and care offered by the School.
  6. To ensure that the School continues to be in a strong position financially, is efficiently run and is able to deliver on its aims whilst keeping the fees on an affordable footing.
  7. To enhance the reputation of King’s House School and to build stronger links with the wider community, including parents and alumni.
  8. To meet and where appropriate exceed all required standards for a high quality independent school