Examinations & Assessments

At King’s House School we recognise the responsibility we have for educating each pupil and in developing a love of learning and satisfaction in personal achievement.

Pupils are constantly assessed as they move through the School to ensure that they are progressing well and to help flag up any potential areas of concern.

  • In the Nursery we use the EYFS Profile to track progress of the boys and girls.
  • In the Junior Department (from Reception onwards) we use various assessment methods throughout the year, in different subjects, to gauge how well boys are performing. Any concerns are identified at an early stage so that appropriate action can be implemented.
  • In the Senior Department (from Year 4 onwards) boys experience School examinations for the first time, but only in a small number of subjects.
  • From Year 5 onwards the boys have examinations twice a year, either in November or January and then in the Summer Term.
  • In Years 7 and 8 all boys are working towards Common Entrance or scholarship examinations for senior schools, and examinations are held twice a year for Year 7 boys and three times for Year 8.

Taking examinations is an integral part of the learning process, their purpose is to help pupils and teachers assess what has been understood and to address any concerns.

King’s House School is justifiably proud of its success in recent years in successfully preparing boys for some of the most academic schools in the country – many have gained scholarships to selective senior schools. About 70% of our boys move on to 13+ London day schools – the remainder transferring to boarding schools.

The emphasis is always on finding the right school for the boy and advice is given throughout their time at King’s House. About a third of our Year 8 boys are prepared for academic scholarship entry examinations or for music, sport, art or drama awards.

Every other year we host a Senior School Fair where parents can gather information and meet ex-King’s House students. These events, which attract representatives from up to 25 senior schools, have proved to be a huge success.


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